Annika Howard Communications



I got my first communications job back in 2005 when a tweet was nothing more than a part of the dawn chorus, and I discovered what I love to do.

Since then I've been lucky to work in roles that have allowed me to try my hand at everything from press and PR, content strategy, copywriting, editorial planning, campaign management, social media, event management, direct marketing and engagement.

I love variety. I've worked in the public and private sector in areas as diverse as financial services, healthcare and social science research. I am an IDM qualified digital copywriter, charity trustee and a director of a web design, development and content company.

I love to learn and I am inquisitive so having the chance to find out about different businesses, the people behind them, and what they do is right up my street. I am a planner and I make good use of that personality trait when it comes to my work. 

In communications, planning is key, it is what makes the difference between doing some communications and doing the right communications.

Work with me

I am based in Dursley, Gloucestershire, in the South Cotswolds, in very easy reach of Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bath and Swindon.

Want to have a chat to talk about what you and your business want to say? Pick up the phone or drop me an email.