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Digital content for a software company

Digital content for a software company

A biography for a bear

Hoodie is a free and Open Source Software for building applications for the web and iOS. The team at Hoodie put out a pull request to write a blog post for one of their animal mascots. The Blog Bear.
I answered a Pull Request on GitHub to 

Understanding: Pull requests, APIs and bears of note

There was so much to learn with this short piece of work. How GitHub and pull requests work, Hoodie what they do, the importance of cheesecake to the organisation (for them it is all about the base) and most importantly famous bears of note. 

Writing: Adopting the Hoodie tone of voice

Hoodie has a collection of animal mascots who support the humans working on the project. Each of the animals has a short bio. I based the tone of voice for the piece on the two existing biographies and used the illustration of Blog Bear to shape my writing.

"You made my day big time I’ve this grin and it doesn't go away, love when that happens 😻🐻"
"This is my favourite thing in the world right now <3333"

Gregor - Hoodie
Digital content for a software company

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