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Marsden Fire Safety

Content strategy and digital copywriting for fire safety specialists

Content strategy and digital copywriting for fire safety specialists

Refining, defining and creating new content

This was a big project. Marsden Fire Safety had two very dated and sprawling websites, with a lot of nested content. There was a company website and an e-commerce store. My job, working in my role at Push Code, was to make sense of the content.

Thinking: Doing the ground work - content audit

I spent time going through all the content on each site. Carrying out a content audit meant that I could see what was duplicated, what was out of date, where there were gaps and which pieces of content were driving the most traffic.

Understanding: Research, learning and tone of voice - creating new content

I had to become something of a fire safety expert learning about fire safety legislation, fire engineering and fire safety products. (I am big advocate of the Life Hammer now). The work was split between re-writing and updating legacy content from the old sites and researching and writing new content. I created a consistent and appropriate tone voice for the site and applied it to everything I wrote from the in-depth technical articles and product descriptions through to the site's microcopy.

Writing: Working in partnership - content and design

This was a Push Code designed website and what that means is that the content is front and centre. Using real content, rather than Lorem Ipsum, meant that the designer could envisage how the templates for the site could look. I worked with the web designer so that we could create the content and the design in parallel so that one did not force the shape of the other.

When taking on this project Annika made sure she had a full understanding of the industry and types of visitors to the sites, along with the purpose the old informational copy served.

She has a fantastic way with words through her copywriting, which makes it clear, precise and to the point without lacking in attention to detail on the subject.

Michelle - Marsden Fire Safety

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