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Circle Cider

Optimised web copy for a craft cider producer

Optimised web copy for a craft cider producer

Digital copywriting for a craft cider website

Circle Cider is a family run, award winning craft cider maker based in Swindon. Their old website didn’t cut the mustard so they got themselves a shiny new website designed. But a website is nothing without content. They needed copy for the site that would showcase their ciders and tell their story.

Understanding: The Circle Cider story

Community, heritage and sustainability are key to what Circle Cider do. The content on their website needed to reflect that, to tell their story. Produced in Swindon, Wiltshire, they work with the local community to make the best of what they already have. Each year they collect apples from people’s back gardens, orchards and allotments swapping them for cider or cash.

Writing: Working within the design

The design was already done so I created content that would work within the predefined structure of the site and layout of the pages. The copy I produced is optimised, I researched the keywords and long tail search terms, and written to fit precisely in the space available. But it's not just the words that you can see on the page that are important I also wrote meta descriptions for each page to drive click throughs from search results. Once it was all signed off, I packaged the content up and handed it back to the team at Circle Cider ready to upload to their site.

"We had been and got ourselves a shiny new website designed but it was missing the words. Working to a tight deadline Annika developed an authentic tone of voice that is perfect for Circle Cider. She used that to write user-friendly content, optimised for search engines, that tells people exactly what we do (and how great our cider is) and it sounds just like us!"

Nick - Circle Cider
Circle Cider
Optimised web copy for a craft cider producer

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